Project Description

Epoca’s design is based on an extremely dynamic, informal style. The semi-automatic S version is extremely easy to use and reliable in every situation. The S-Tank version with its own water tank makes Epoca a machine of unsurpassed versatility. Red and coal grey are enhanced by a metallic effect that gives Epoca a shiny, modern feel.

Technical Features

  • independent heat exchangers
  • electric heating
  • built-in volumetric pump
  • boiler pressure gauge
  • automatic water level control
1 filter holder for 2 cups per group, 1 filter holder for 1 cup, 2 steam wands for version with 2 groups, 1 steam wand for version with 1 group, 1 hot water dispenser, coffee tamper, blind filter and measuring scoop.
C-Lever ergonomic steam control, youSteam manual
steam wand, pod and capsule adaptor, electric cup-warmer (only for version with 2 groups).
DP automatic or manual water softener, MD dosing grinder.
housing in stainless steel, base and sides in HDPE and ABS.
metallic red and metallic grey.