Flavor Burst specializes in developing flavor and candy injection machines.  Our machines can add flavoring to soft serve product, shake, slush, smoothie, frozen carbonated beverage (FCB), frozen coffee, and even frozen cocktails, giving an existing machine virtually limitless flavor possibilities.

Some Flavor Burst models are now available in a touch screen format.  More models will be added later.  The touch screens gives the user extra capabilities while making the machines easier to use.  Below are some of the benefits of using a touch screen when compared with the standard keypad models.


Faster and Easier Flavor Choice Selection

Instead of looking at an external chart to determine which menu number to press, all the flavors are listed on the display.  It’s as simple as selecting the flavor you want from a list of flavors on the screen instead of ordering by number.

Multi-language Capabilities

The touch screen keypad has the capability of displaying all options and flavor selections in whatever language you desire.  So, it is more international friendly as well as being capable of meeting needs in multi-lingual nations.


The programming in the touch screen is capable of being updated via an SD card.  So, if a change is required to the operating system or flavor menu, a revised program could be send via email and uploaded into the system.

Personal Identification Number (PIN) Protection

Should you want to block the setup functions of your keypad to prevent unauthorized use, you can establish a PIN code to access all maintenance functions.  This is seen as a necessary tool when using the keypad in a self-serve environment.

Portion Control and Reduced Carryover

Four sizes of servings may be established to control portion sizes.  A time is set for each serving size, and the keypad will give an audible signal when the serving is finished so that the operator can close the spigot.  Shortly before the signal is issued, the pumps are turned off to stop the flow of syrup which allows just the unflavored base to be dispensed.  This helps to clear the system of flavor, preparing it for the next serving.  


Because the touch screen keypad has extra ports on it, an addtional flavoring machine or candy dispensing machine can be added to the system without purchasing an additional electronics package.  This will reduce the cost of the second machine.  The additional machine can either be operated simultaneously or as an independent dispenser, flavoring one spout or two.