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This online catalog is a sampling of our equipment and products. Please contact Lane Commercial Equipment for more info.

Lane Commercial Equipment Company’s modern showroom/test kitchen is stocked with the latest product innovations to help you learn how to write you own profit story. Our experts help guide you with profit consulting, menu planning and floor plans that include equipment specifications (electrical and plumbing).

Rancilio Kryo 65


Grinding chamber cooling system (Rancilio Lab patent) Die-cast aluminium fins enclose the grinding chamber, extracting and dissipating the heat […]

Rancilio MD80 AT


MD 80 has grinding burrs with a diameter of 2.9 inch (75 mm), guaranteeing a production of 26.4-30.9 lb/hour (12-14 […]

Rancilio Classe 10 USB


Rancilio Classe 10 embodies the height of technology and build quality. The mix of design, highly developed electronic systems and advanced […]